investing in equipment…investing in people


We believe that investing in the highest quality tools and training enables us to deliver the highest quality service to our customers.



Proud to invest in industry leading equipment and supplies.

There is no value in cheap. That is a lesson I have learned time and time again. To deliver an expert service, it is imperative that the equipment and operator can perform at the highest level.

To ensure this, we only use industry leading products and equipment with professional training and support.

Investing in people.

 A strong & proficient team is a solid foundation for a successful business.

BH Property Services staff receive…
*H&S certificates
*Equipment training
*Professional work wear
*Training incentives to further develop skills
*Mindfulness training sessions – 
*Travel share scheme


Professional Equipment

Investing in professional equipment for the commercial cleaning industry.

We value our collection of expert cleaning tools. They enable us to perform daily commercial cleaning tasks professionally, timely and without breaking down on us.

Learn more about some of the equipment and products we use on the services pages from the menu.


Certified training

As with all trades, it is imperative to have the relevant training for commercial cleaning. Whether on a building site performing a builders clean or working at heights cleaning windows, BH Property maintenance are skilled, trained and insured.